Photographic Society of America

As a group we take part in the Open and Travel sections of the PSA.
We enter 6 images, in each of the sections. 

Below are the images that have been entered.



3rd Open Competition - General

Judged by the Shutterbugs Creative Forum.

In total 26 clubs took part in our group with a total of 150 images being submitted, interestingly the highest score given in this competition, was for one image to score 14 and 60% of the images scored 10 or less!   

Owl in Flight by Jan Wilson Chalon 8.

Are we there yet by Philip Chadwick 8.

Broken Doll by Sharon Prenton Jones 12 Award.

Sunrise at the pier by Tanya Liepins 10 HM.

The secret book by Robert Prenton Jones 9.

One day old by Andy Polakowski 9.   

In this the third round we came in 4th place. Many thanks to all who sent in their images and a special mention to Sharon who got an award for Broken Doll and also to Tanya for Sunrise at the Pier which got a HM - Honourable Mention [Tanya’s first entry into PSA with the Eryri Group]. 

Overall,as this is the end of this PSA season, we as the Eryri Photo Group came ‘First’ in the open section, so a big thank you to all for such a great selection of images that you sent in.   

John Bell

PSA Travel competition.   

The competition was judged by Sun Lakes Camera Club, USA.

18 clubs took part with a total of 108 images of which 101 of the images scored 11 or less!   

Catnap in India by Phil Chadwick 10.

Minding the pot by Ian O’Neill 11.

My Grandfather by Jean Chadwick 8.

On the streets of Delhi by John Bell 11 HM.

Standing for peace by Linda Bell 7.

Vatican Cardinal by Andy Polakowski 8.   

We came 5th out of 18 clubs in round three. As this was the last competition of the season overall we came 10th place out of 18 clubs.   

Many thanks to all who took part!

[Images are below]

On Sunday, 21 July 2019, the judging of the Travel Division Inter-Club End of Year Playoff between the top three clubs from the two groups took place. The competing clubs were Eryri Photo Group, Full Frame Photo Club, Grand Photos, Photographic Guild Of Nova Scotia, Saguaro Camera Club and Shutter Bugs Creative Forum. Each club was allowed to enter 8 images and we used four judges scoring between 2 and 5.

As befits a PSA Travel Division Inter-Club competition, it was a truly international event with clubs from India, Wales, Canada, USA and United Arab Emirates.  

Congratulations to the overall winner and Travel Division Inter-Club Champions 2019 the United Arab Emirates, Shutter Bugs Creative Forum. 

We came a very respectable 2nd place by submitting in total 8 of our top scoring images from the current season. These can be seen below.

Travel PDI Best of 2019


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